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An inside look in the town hall of Ghent

The political heart of the city and that since the fourteenth century

Schizophrenic and flamboyant, that is how the 600-year-old town hall of Ghent is described. A description it owes to the contrasting architecture of its façades. Inside the town hall our guide will tell you all you need to know about these buildings.

More about this tour

The town hall proudly stretches between four streets in the very heart of Ghent: the Botermarkt, the Hoogpoort, the Stadhuissteeg and the Poeljemarkt. Outside the flaming Gothic style goes hand in hand with the austere Renaissance. Inside the sparkling style mixture continues in a genuine labyrinth with no fewer than 51 rooms. Without a guide you are bound to lose your way! A few highlights on the discovery tour are the Pacification Room, the Austrian Salon and the stately Throne Room. And have you spotted the beautiful Maid of Ghent yet? She is omnipresent, but even in the glorious wedding chapel she sadly remains out of reach.

Practical information
  • Visits are only possible from Monday to Thursday and after city council’s approval
  • We cannot guarantee access to all rooms
Meeting point Entry town hall, Botermarkt
Point of arrival
Languages Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, West-Vlaams, Gents
Price from € 115
Duration 2 h