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The emperor and the noose wearers

The end of a rebel dream

Ghent, February 24, 1500. A proud town celebrates the birth of her most famous resident: the Emperor Charles V, one of the most powerful monarchs ever in European history. Forty years later love has come to an end. Find out about the love-hate relationship between the Ghent people and their emperor.

More about this tour

The nickname ‘Noose Wearers’ takes us back to Emperor Charles V.        

We start our story at the Donkere Poort (the Dark Gate) in the Prinsenhof, the residential area where he was born. Strolling along the quiet waters of the Lieve and the impressive monuments we discover how the Emperor Charles lives on in the memories of the people of Ghent. The well-shaped ‘creeser’ defying both wind and weather, noose around the neck, still stands model for the real man of Ghent.

Enjoy the big and small history of this controversial figure: imperial pleasures and complaints, beer, women and chewing problems.

Practical information
  • Meeting point in consultation with the group
Meeting point Tourist Information Center, Veerleplein (pedestrian area - no coaches)
Point of arrival
Languages Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, West-Vlaams, Gents
Price from € 105
Duration 2 h